Hungama Hai Kyun Barpa..

Main Teri Mast Nigahi Ka Bharam Rakh Lungaa,
Hosh Ayaa Bhi To Keh Dunga Mujhe Hosh Nahi
Ye Alag Baat Hai Saki Ke Mujhe Hosh Nahi
Varna Main Khucch Bhi Hu Ahsaan Faramosh Nahi

Old Trafford, Manchester, England 2019

Tensions were high, mood was exhilarating, after all it was a India Pakistan encounter at a World Cup match. Indo-Pak match especially in a World Cup is always a high voltage encounter, and is billed as the most important match of the championship, as important as the championship itself. The tickets at the stadium are sold within a matter of few minutes when they are up for grabs. You don’t wanna loose to your archrivals, no matter what, after all its about national pride. It’s probably more than just another cricket match because stakes are high and the intense rivalries between these two sporting nations who shared a common cricketing heritage, makes for a great spectacle.

Pakistan won the toss and chose to field. India opened their innings with Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. Mohammed Amir and Wahab Riaz were steaming in to start the proceedings for Pakistan.After a steady start seeing off the opening spell and not loosing early wickets, India put up a century opening partnership. Rohit went from strength to strength to hammer a handsome century accompanied by skipper Virat Kohli with a fine half century.With their major contribution, India went on to post a solid 336/5 in their 50 overs. In the 2nd innings, India suffered a big blow when their star bowler Bhuvaneshwar Kumar got injured, Vijay Shankar came in to bowl and produced a wicket in his very first ball to everyone’s surprise.Later on, the opener Fakar Zaman and their best batsman Babar Azam steadied the ship with a century partnership and looked well on course to chase the record score.

When everything looked on track for Pakistan, Babar got deceived by a magical ball from Kuldeep Yadav, the chinaman, and match turned on its head. Mind you, Pakistan had never won a world cup encounter against India since 1992, during their first meeting. This was their chance to get the monkey off the back, but they failed and failed miserably. After the century stand, they lost wickets in flurry and though it started raining they were well short of India’s score as per target set by DLS method and had to concede a defeat.

It was euphoria for Indian camp and misery for Pakistan. Their misery, very well described by a emotional fan after the match, an unbeatable reaction. Have a look and enjoy 😛

A group of friends were enjoying the match from a sports bar with a near stadium like atmosphere. As it happens more often in a sports bar, fans and supporters from both the team were present. Needless to say, it was a noisy atmosphere throughout the match duration. If Pakistan scored a boundary or a six, Pak fans would get up from their seat and cheer mocking Indian fans and likewise when India did well, they would cheer along and scream at the top of their voice-Mauka Mauka song from popular advertisement created by Star Sports India in the context of Pakistan’s losing streak in all World cup matches against India.

It was field day for the bar owner and his concierge, to control the crowd if they went overboard. Food & Liquor Consumption for the day were on a record high due to such a high voltage match, but managing the patrons was a pain in the a**. It often led to brawls when one party started abusing and physically assaulting other party. One had to closely monitor and prevent any altercations as much as possible. That’s when everyone’s revelry was interrupted by a gang of friends. 2 person from two different groups were arguing and abusing each other over some trivial matter. It seemed they were not in their senses and one guy suddenly started to hit the other and damage the property in utmost recklessness. Distracted crowd at the bar started looking out for them when the scuffle started trying to figure out what the fuss was all about. Some of their other friends who had accompanied them, tried to control them by holding them back,but in vain. The bar owner accompanied by 2-3 bartenders held them by collar and asked them to move out of the bar, when one guy pushed the owner, slapped him hard abusing him and started arguing with him. When things got ugly, the hotel staff called the police.

The guys looked innocent and completely out of their senses. On seeing police there, they somewhat started becoming their usual self and started pleading that it was a mistake. In such a panic situation, when police questioned why all this a hungama over such a trivial matter, The guy blurted out suddenly..

Hungama Hai Kyun Barpa (with a burp as he said this), Thodi Si Jo Pii Lii Hai(drunk man never agrees he is intoxicated & out of his senses, isn’t it?)
Daakaa Toh Nahin Daalaa Chori Toh Nahi Kii Hai !!!??!!???

After all, he was such a good bathroom singer, atleast he thought so. The police looked part confused, part shocked and was trying to control his reactions to this impromptu act. Eventually, he took him to the custody to which the guy secretly started to tick a bucket list item, in his mind- Spending a night in a jail cell.

Until next time, be well & take it easy.

P. S: Take a look at a beautiful rendition of Hungama Hai Kyun Barpa by Ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali


Masti Ki Paathshaala..

Circa 1997

A transition from high school to college beckoned!!

A move from academic to a more professional choice; which would most likely dictate the career path one would take. At the start of academic year, we were told SSC(10th Grade) was vital, now that we were done with high school, Class XII results was touted as the turning point of one’s career. It was like stretching the goal post of a football stadium by several notches once we passed through previous goal post. But for us, college sounded liberating. It invoked more freedom, you do as you feel like, you bunk classes you feel like, & you wear what you feel like; oh no; we were subjected to a uniform here as well. And we had to grapple with coaching classes as well to somehow inflate the marks during the boards. So college was more of a formality to maintain minimum attendance.

We did our college in a temple town of Sirsi in hilly Malenadu(region of Karnataka comprising of eastern and western slopes of Western ghats/Sahyadri mountain range). Year on year, it recorded moderate to high rainfall and was known for its chilly weather throughout the year especially winters. It was blessed with serene lake in the middle of the city & was surrounded with several pristine waterfalls amidst lush green forests.Agriculture was main occupation of majority of people and they indulged in growing rice, arecanut, black pepper & vanilla. It was ideal place for tourists especially for city folks to visit historical places, hike mountains, enjoy a peaceful & a pleasant weather throughout their stay typically in a village homestay beside areca plantations.

Owing to more commercial activities and agricultural trade, many shops and establishments were springing up now and then. There were quite a few popular restaurants; one of them oldest among all at the city centre famous for its lip-smacking masala dosa. A new one opened up just opposite our college campus with an interesting name as “The Chinese Corner“. Chinese food was such a fad then. Everyone loved the Indian version of Chinese in the form of Hakka Noodles, Gobi Manchurian & Fried Rice. And they had open kitchen wherein one could see the preparation all along. The chef with a white apron with a matching head cap was nothing short of a magician of gastronomical proportions, wherein he would churn delicacies one after another with his quick hands. The way he used to toss the noodles with all the raw veggies flying perfectly in sync bringing time to a standstill, was a sight to behold. It’s ideal location just opposite the college made it a thriving business bustling with activities especially during evening hours. It also became a great hang out place for guys to take their girl-friends after bunking their classes.

Arul was Mr. Popular of our class with his swag always ON no matter the situation. Even when he got a lashing from the lecturer his confidence was intact & one to envy. Once, he had driven his Yamaha RX100 straight onto the college corridor with college principal fuming with rage. He had to punish him in some way and instead of temporary suspension (which he thought would act like a chill pill) he thought of asking him to do gardener duties at the college portico for a whole week to which Arul responded and obeyed without a care in the world. He captained the college cricket team to victory against the archrivals from another college by hitting a flamboyant half century and clinching two vital wickets.And his team celebrated by carrying him on their shoulders across the whole college and of course the corridor. Needless to say, he was very popular among girls too. Whenever he asked any girl out, they always answered in affirmative.

One evening, I was out with my friends near the chai tapri and savouring adrak chai when I spotted Arul taking the most beautiful girl of our college towards The Chinese Corner. I envied him then and there, he had the charisma which I lacked. Just other day, he was enjoying a nice cuppa with The Senior, yeah another pretty lass. I had to do something, I needed some start and some luck. That’s when, about a week later, I was loitering around The Chinese corner wishing a delightful company, the cool dude Arul came from nowhere and spotted me. Upon seeing him, I  was startled and started sheepingly staring at him. He fully understood my intentions, God knows how. He pitifully looked at me and said, don’t laze around here like this- Go inside and ask the waiter for Chitra. Chitra? Yes, She is owner’s daughter & would like to talk to cool dudes if she is free, I bet, you will love it. On first instance, I didn’t understood how to react, at my fate and with all my might, lunged into the restaurant with some flourish thanking Arul along the way.

I occupied the middle seat and started looking around the restaurant nervously. The hotel owner started staring me in some unusual way twirling his moustache adding to more nervousness. I looked sideways avoiding his glare and started thinking- What a name? Chitra, meaning picture or a drawing. Did the owner name her picking up from the famous telly show Chitrahaar, or did he like the “Kehna Hi Kya” fame, singer K.S.Chitra of the film Bombay. I couldn’t decide, when much to my relief, the waiter on seeing me, moved towards me bringing in some water and asking me Kya Chahiye Saheb? That’s when, with all the confidence I blurted out without thinking- Bring Chitra. Suddenly, panic struck me and I started sweating profusely. What if, the waiter and the owner takes some offence and beat me up physically? It would be such a embarrassing moment. Should I run? That’s when the waiter responded with a tone of cheerful acquiescence, Chitra? and went in. Just when I was thinking about my next move, how will I approach Chitra, what will I greet and talk to her, what if she slaps me? the waiter dashed outside and slammed on my table a bottle of Citra, popular lemon flavored carbonated drink. I sipped the drink with a straw in no time and since then never visited the resto again.

Until next time, Don’t forget to have some masti while moving ahead with your work.

The Antakshari project..

Antakshari!! Woah, this single word evokes so much emotions. 😍

From the time, Zee TV aired CloseUp-Antakshari, it has become household name and one of the favorite pass times ever since. 🎤

For the uninitiated, Antakshari is a spoken parlor game played in India. Each contestant sings the first verse of a song (often Bollywood songs) that begins with the Hindustani Consonant on which the previous contestant’s song selection ended.

Now some Trivia, Antakshari was originally present in the Ramayana, where rishis (sages) sang the first verses of bhajanas continuously by singing another Bhajana beginning with the last letter of the ending word.If you wanna jog your memory, you must have remembered one of the longest run musical show in Indian TV industry aired by Zee 📺- Antakshari starting from 1994. It was hosted by ever so energetic and a music aficionado- Mr. Annu Kapoor along with female co-host and fellow melophiles like Renuka Shahane, Pallavi Joshi, Rajeshwari Sachdev , Richa Sharma and others.

Trivia: Annu Kapoor changed his name from Anil Kapoor to Annu Kapoor to avoid confusion with the hero of the popular film Tezaab. So, were you Deewane, Parwane ya Mastane it didn’t matter, it was entertainment all the way of highest order.

Hum the woh thi aur sama rangeen Samaj gayena

Jate they Japan pahoonch gaye Cheen Samaj gayena

Yane yane pyaar ho gaya

Oo Annu tera hua Ab mera kya hoga,Oo Annu tera hua Ab mera kya hoga?? 🎷🎸🎹🥁

Amidst national wide lockdown due to COVID19, Various popular Brands were homebound and decided to play Antakshari over a video call to share their thoughts on this prevailing situation. 📺🍿🛋️ It was one of a kind and unprecedented. Cant wait, isn’t it, of what’s in store. So without further ado, lets tune in to their conversation through songs.

Disclaimer: No offence meant to any brands, companies & people around, fictitiously written for fun 🙂

Baithe baithe kya kare, karna hai kuch kaam. Shuru karo Antakshri leke COVID ka naam. म…

म, Ma.. 🚖🚕🚙🚗 OLA: Mujhko kya hua hai,Kyun Main Kho Gaya hoon. Paagal tha Main Pehle, Ya ab Ho gaya hoon; Koi mil gaya(COVID), Koi mil gaya, Mera Dil gaya Kya Bataoon yaaron; Kya bataoon yaaron; Main to hil gaya, Main to hil gaya. य..

य, Ya.. 💰📞☎🎞🎥💰 JIO(garnering attention of so much funding across various business houses & venture capitalists): Yahan ke hum sikandar, Chaahein to rakh lein sab ko apni jeb ke andar, Arre humse bachke rehna mere yaar, Nahin samjhe hai vo humein to kya jaata hai,Haari baazi ko jeetna humein aata hai. Hey vo sikandar hi doston kehlaata hai, Haari baazi ko jeetna jise aata hai, Niklenge maidan mein jis din hum jhoomke, Dharti dolegi ye kadam choomke. Jo sab karte hain yaaron vo kyon hum tum karein, Yoonhi kasrat karte karte kaahe ko hum marein;Gharwaalon se teacher se bhala hum kyon darein; Yahan ke hum sikandar.. र..

र, ra.. ✈🛫🛬 Indigo: Raat Kali Ek Khwaab Mein Aayi.aur Gale Ka Haar Hui; Subah Ko Jab Hum Neend Se Jaage; Aankh Tumhise Chaar Hui; Raat Kali Ek Khwaab Mein Aayi.aur Gale Ka Haar Hui; Yeh Kya Hua Mujhe Mujhko Khabar Nahin,Ho Sake Tum Hi Bata Do,Tumne(COVID) Kadam Jo Rakha Zameen Par,Seene Mein Kyun Jhankar Hui; Raat Kali Ek Khwaab Mein Aayi.aur Gale Ka Haar Hui.. य..

य, Ya.. 📱📸🎥🎞 Tiktok(on getting banned due to nationwide outrage): Yeh jo mohabbat hai yeh unka hai kaam;Arre mehboob ka jo bas lete hue naam,Mar jaayein, Mit jaayein ho jaayein Badnaam; Rehne do, chhodo bhi jaane do yaar,Hum na karenge pyaar…Rehne do chhodo bhi Jaane do yaar hum na karenge pyaar;Toote agar saagar naya saagar koi lele,Mere khuda dil se koi kisi ke na khele,Dil toot jaaye to kya ho anjaam…म…

म, Ma.. (Xiaomi 📱📲 Phones, on negative publicity, being highest sold mobile phone brand In India) Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi; Aaj Rusva Teri Galiyon Mein Mohabbat Hogi,Meri Nazrein To Gila Karti Hain;Tere Dil Ko Bhi Sanam Tujhse Shikayat Hogi;Mere Mehboob. ब..

ब, Ba.. 🍎🥗🧺 BigBasket(Encouraging people to buy more veggies & fruits from them amidst lockdown): Bahut shukriya badi meherbani;Meri zindagi me hujur aap aaye, Kadam chum lun yaKe aankhe bicha du; Karun kya yeh meri; Samaj me na aaye; Bahut shukriya!! य..

य, Ya.. 🍢🥣🍕🍤🍜🍝Swiggy(on their customers who got discouraged ordering their food from favorite restaurants) : Yaad aa rahi hai, Yaad aa rahi hai; Teri yaad aa rahi hai, teri yaad aa rahi hai, Yaad aane se, tere jaane se; Jaan jaa rahi hai; Pehle yeh naa jaana,Tere baad yeh jaana pyaar mein; Jeena mushkil kardega; Yeh dil deewana pyaar mein,Jaane kaise saans yeh aise; Aa jaa rahi hai, Yaad aa rahi hai, teri yaad aa rahi hai. ह ..

ह, Ha... 🎥📞🎞🎙Zoom (on security concerns amidst growing nationwide outrage): Haan main galat,Galat meri baatein Galati se hi duniya bani;Poora sahi koi nahin hai,Le le meri chetaavani;O ho ho.. Dil mein aayeO ho ho.. Aaj ho jaayeO ho ho.. Dil mein aayeO ho ho.. Aaj ho jaaye, Aa stage laga hai badi jagah hai. Do it with a twist… ट..

ट,Ta 📱📲💻💡Google (on being seamless & a constant companion & provide all answers instantly to life’s burning questions) : Tere hawale hai yeh zindagi meri, tere ujale se sab raahe hain yaha; apne naseeb ka mai badshah nahi, tu meri shaam hain, tu hi meri subah; tune kaha maine sunn liaa, tune kaha maine, sunn lia; Phikar ke din, aur raatein; dhaal gaya suraj kaha,Phizool ki thi baatein, kho gaye the hum jane kaha;Tune kaha maine sunn liaa; tune kaha maine, sunn lia; Rozana meri toh hain daasatan nayi phurze poorane hain par shock hain kayi taaro ki roshani ne dikhaya raasta
par mai mukal gaya tu sath joh yahi
tune kaha maine sunn liaa
tune kaha maine, sunn lia
tune kaha maine sunn liaa. य..

य, Ya.. 🏘🏚🏨💒🏫Airbnb(shocked to see whole business model upside down): Yeh Kya hua, Kaise hua, Kab hua
Kyon hua, Jab hua, tab hua
Oh chodo, Yeh na socho Yeh kya hua....

,Va..💻📱📷 Facebook(on being a constant companion in boredom): Waada Karle Saajna; Tere Bin Main Na Rahun,
Mere Bin Tu Na Rahe, Hoke Judaa,
Yeh Vaada Rahaa
Naa Honge Juda,
Yeh Vadaa Rahaa ह ..

ह, Ha... 💻🎥📽📞Zoom: Hum bewafa hargiz na the
Par hum wafa kar naa sake
Humko mili uski sazaa
Hum jo khata kar naa sake
Hum bewafa hargiz na the
Par hum wafa kar naa sake.. ..

Jiomeet interrupts Zoom & says Zoom barabar Zoom, Zoom barabar Zoom..

, Ka..📝💻🏘 WFH Employees: Kya kare kya na kare yeh kaisi mushkil hai
Koi to bataa de iska hal o mere bhai
Ke ek taraf to us se pyaar kare hum
Aur usko inhe kehney se daray hum. म…

म, Ma.. 📱📲💻📸🎙📞☎JioMeet(on acquiring new customers, more downloads in less time): Mere Gully Mein gully gully gully mein
Tere shootero ka khaas meri gully mein
Pure shehar ki awaaz mere gully mein; Mere Gully Mein gully gully gully mein
Police aayi lagi waat mere gully mein
Ek number saari batth mere gully mein म…

म, Ma.. 🎷🥁🎹🎼🎸🎺Spotify(on their ad campaign- There’s a playlist for that): Main koi aisa geet gaoon
Ki aarzoo jagaoon
Main koi aisa geet gaoon
Ki aarzoo jagaoon
Agar tum kaho.. ह ..

ह,Ha..🏠🏡🏘🏨OYO (on huge losses & no demand) : Hum toh udd gaye jab tum jhuke,
Tab se tum nazar mein aa ruke,
Hum toh ho gaye zaman,
Dheere dheere maala maal,
Ab toh hona hai wohi jo banaye jahan,
Hum toh ho gaye zaman,
Dheere dheere maala maal,
Ab toh hona hai wohi jo banaye jahan,
Hum toh udd gaye udd gaye udd gaye.

By this time,other brands who didnt get a chance to speak, got frustrated & started singing their own songs, sharing their thoughts 😛

🍔🌮🥗🍟🌮Mc Donald: Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana;Dheere Dheere Se Dil Ko Churaana;Tum Se Pyaar Humein Hai Kitna Jaane Jaana,Tumse Milkar Tumko Hai Bataana

Doordarshan 📺💻(on record viewership on telecast of Ramayana & Mahabharat) : Dekh Le Aakhon Main Aakhen Daal; Seekh Le Har Pal Main Jeena Yaar,
Soch Le Jeevan Ke Pal Hain Char; Yaad Rakh; Marna Hai Ek Baar, Marne Se Pahle Jeena
Seekh Le..

Whatsapp: 📱📲📷📸📞☎ Oh bar bar dekho hazar Baar bar dekho
Key dekh ne kee chij hai hamaree dilruba,
Talee ho, talee ho, talee ho
Han jee han aur bhee honge dildar yaha, lakho dilo kee bahar yaha
Par yeh bat kaha,

Netflix: 🍿☕📺Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya; Zindagi dhoop tum Ghana saaya.
Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya,Aaj phir dilne ik tamanna ki,Aaj phir dilko humne samjhaya; Zindagi dhoop tum Ghana saaya,Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya.
Tum chale jaoge to sochenge? Humne kya khoya humne kya paya..

Instagram: 📷📸🎞📺Mere photo ko, mere photo ko seene se yaar
Chipka le saiyan Fevicol se
Fevicol se fevicol se
Main toh kab se
Haaye main toh kab se hoon ready taiyar
Pata le saiyan miss call se

Flipkart 🛍🛒🎁 (to encourage more people to do online ordering amidst ease of lock down): Ghar more pardesiya
Aao padhaaro piya
Ghar more pardesiya
Aao padhaaro piya

Nike: 🏅🏏🎾🏀🏉🏑🏌🏇🚴‍♀️🏆Bhaag Bhaag Bhaag Bhaag Bhaag Bhaag Bhaag Bhaag ; Oh By God Lag Gayi, Kya Se Kya Huya,Dekha Toh Katora, Jhaanka Toh Kuaan; Kisne Kisko Loota,
Kiska Maatha Kaise Phoota, Kya Pataa
Bhaiyya We Don’t Have A Clue
Itna Hi Pataa Hai, Aagey Daude Toh Bhala Hai
Peeche Toh Ek Raakshas Phaade Muh
Ik Aandhi Aayi Hai, Sandesa Laayi HaiBhaag Bhaag D K Bose, D K Bose, D K Bose,
Bhaag Bhaag, D K Bose, D K Bhaag

After liquor lovers, did all the circus to get a bottle by standing in the queue during partial lockdown: 🍺🍻🥂🍷🍸🥃

Abhi mujh mein kahin,baaki thodi si hai zindagi; Jagi dhadkan nayi,jaana Zinda hoon main to abhi 😛

All the brands & people waiting for COVID19 vaccine:💊💉🧬🌡

Intaha ho gai, intazaar ki
Aai na kuchh khabar, mere yaar ki
Ye hamen hai yaqeen, bevafa vo nahin
Phir vajah kya hui, intazaar ki, intaha ho… Baat jo hai us men, baat vo
Yahaan kahin nahin kisi men
Vo hai meri, bas hai meri
Shor hai yahi gali gali men
Saath saath vo hai mere gham
Men mere dil ki har khushi men
Zindagi men vo nahin to kuchh
Nahin hai meri zindagi men
Bujh na jaaye ye shama, aitabaar ki

For nostalgia sake, you may wanna check out below Antakshari video. It will bring a smile to your face 😃🤩

Signing off,

Until then, Sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, Sing for the tears (come on)
Sing it with me, just for today…

Pic courtesy: EventsHigh

Good Luck!!

It was raining cats and dogs. The clock struck 12 A.M on Shimla office tower in Shivajinagar on a wet Saturday night. People were rushing to their shelters since the rain started around an hour back. Farshid Chacha was driving his car across Apte Road when he found a lone girl standing at the dark corner of the alley drenched in rain, feeling helpless. It was pouring and in the revelry of an outing with her friends at a nearby pub in Ferguson Road, Neha realized later that she had dropped her phone somewhere. The street looked deserted and there was no one around to drop her. Now with no phone, she looked restless as she couldn’t book a cab or an auto rickshaw. Some rickshaw passed by her but didn’t heed to her request to drop her 15 kms away to her place from her current location. If they agreed, they were charging her exorbitant fees taking advantage of the situation. She had handful of cash as she heavily relied on phone wallets. She was anxious as she couldn’t inform her parents of her whereabouts. That’s when Farshid Chacha stopped by her to offer any help.

Farshid Chacha was like God Send to Neha as he readily agreed to drop her to her place. He was very mindful and understood her predicament and offered to help after hearing her out. Neha breathed a sigh of relief after informing her parents that she is on her way to reach home by calling through his phone. After settling herself on the backseat, she started talking to Farshid Chacha to start a conversation. She learned that he was on his way home for dinner when he found her. She thanked him profusely as he was going out of his way to drop her home safely. She began to ask him more about himself as she found him very caring, jovial and one who loved to talk. Farshid Chacha began to recite his story.

He was descendant from Iran and his name Farshid meant bright as the sunshine. His grandfather migrated to India with his whole family due to economic reasons in late 1800s. They were put up in Colaba in Bombay where they settled near Fort area. His grandfather started all sorts of business to make ends meet. He used to sell exotic fruits near Gateway of India, put his mind on varied business opportunities like farming orchards, fabrication; stone quarrying etc. His father too followed his grandfather footsteps and was very sharp and street smart in doing various business ventures apart from being a sportsperson. The sport bug hit young Farshid too; especially cricket. Back in those days, Parsis had their own cricket team along with a separate Hindus, Muslims and a European cricket team who fought in a quadrangular tournament in Bombay Gymkhana. The competition invited fierce battles and people thronged to the gymkhana to witness the cricket spectacle. But sadly, teams had been formed on religious lines and it got ugly sometimes. Farshid was an opening batsman and a mysterious spinner and had played a vital role in many winning battles for Parsis. After his marriage, his ageing father-in-law offered him to run his Irani cafe in Pune. Back then, cricket was not a career option and Farshid whose responsibilities had doubled after marriage thought it was a pragmatic option. Since then, he shifted to Pune with his young wife back in 1970s.Iranis were known for running restaurants, cafes and bakeries and once they shifted to India especially in Gujarat, Bombay and Puna, they started Irani cafes and restaurant chains. One such cafe in Pune was started by his father-in-law called as Goodluck cafe. They were known for their Bun Muska and Irani chai. Rather than for commercial reasons, they had served their patrons with love and all the warmth. They were pioneers in terms of hospitality and had customers from all walks of life visiting them on a daily basis. They believed in this adage- Khavanu, Pivanu, Majaani Life– meaning, eating, drinking to heart’s content and leading a cheerful life. Some of the college students who were regulars had a cordial relationship with Farshid chacha. Farshid chacha knew more about the students than their own parents. He was also called as happy uncle by these students for his jolly nature. Under his ascendency, Farshid chacha introduced new items like bread omlette, kheema pao, family recipe berry pulao, caramel custard and raspberry soda from Pallonjis which did wonders and worked out really well. They didn’t venture in expanding into branches though it was always jam-packed. One could get a pulse of Pune through their patrons and everyone had a story to tell about their food and amazing hospitality. Back then, it was such a joy to run a restaurant among his encouraging and loving customers who were like his extended family. It didn’t feel like working for a single day in the company of his customers. But life changed upside down when he had to close down his restaurant owing to health reasons. It so happened that both his kids who was an architect and software engineer in multinational companies in US and Canada decided to settle there with their own families. This old style hotel business didn’t interest them one bit. It was a shocking bit of news to many of his patrons and they only wished him well. Farshid Chacha believed that the real reason for his deteriorating health was not due to ageing or any specific health ailments but the decision of his kids and his anticipation that he could no longer run the restaurant just like earlier days. But still, he knew he had to move on and lead a contented life like he always did.

This was kind of jolt to Neha to hear the way it ended but it was very inspiring nevertheless, as Farshid Chacha was full of life and he had no regrets whatsoever. Just then she reached her destination and thanked Farshid chacha for his generosity and wished him well and promised to meet him soon. It was a great learning for her that nothing is permanent in life and one has to do most of the opportunities life throws at you and lead a satisfying life.

Mumbai Rains!!!

I love rains, especially when you’re living in a city like Mumbai where rains are a big respite after a spell of scorching summer. The first rains are always a special occasion because of petrichor. I love it!! The cool breeze, watching rains from the balcony with pleasant smell of mud, a hot coffee by the side and reading my favorite book, Nothing like it! I am a book lover too but past month or so, have been very hectic. My niece, who is one of the leading architects from the city, had suggested some modifications in our interiors. After lot of persuading, I managed to convince my husband Amol, for the planned changes. Last week was special, we did the interiors and our home decor is looking like a million bucks now. After setting up my home clean and organized with the help of my maid, I got sufficient time to relax for a while. And just then, when I sat on my cozy balcony chair with my favorite book and a cup of coffee, Mumbai received first rains of the season. It’s been a week now since it’s raining almost daily, looks like the season has caught up and monsoon is here to stay.

We live in Nava Bharat Housing Co Operative Society in D Block 7th Floor in Dombivli East. Basically I am a housewife, taking care of my family and managing household affairs. My husband is an Advertising Professional in a leading Ad agency setup in Jogeshwari, a western suburb in Mumbai. He is working in a senior executive role. His work requires him to travel often and stay in office at odd hours too. He says that it’s a challenging job because in a creative profession like his, one has to always think out of the box, come up with crazy ideas and thought process to create a product of compelling value to the client. I am pretty much impressed by his hard work and dedication towards his work apart from his loving and caring nature. We had a love marriage 21 years ago and it has been a great one, with lot of ups than downs. He trusts me completely in whatever I venture into and has been a great support system. In domestic affairs, he doesn’t heed much and gives me complete freedom in running it. For any additional support, he is always there for me. We have a sweet daughter Navya who is turning 17 this September. She is doing her 11th grade in Vidyaniketan College in Kalyan, one of the top colleges from the city. Navya is apple of our eye, our source of happiness. She completed her Class 10 with flying colors finishing 9th rank for the CBSE board. Being good academically throughout her schooling, she is as good as a sportswoman as one could be. She is the captain of Basketball team and has competed at state level for 2 consecutive years. And like her loving father, she is creative and pursuing painting as her hobby. She has successfully completed an international assignment too, connecting with like-minded people across the globe. Overall, she is an all-rounder. I take care of her studies when she is home and needs my help; for creative pursuits she connects with her dad.

Last week, Amol won a contract of a leading FMCG conglomerate and it was a great moment of joy and pride for us. But on the downside, he has been very busy since then to leave no stone unturned to restore the immense trust the client have bestowed in him and his team. So these days, he reaches home very late sometimes past midnight. Yesterday, Navya had basketball practice sessions after her classes and post-practice, she had to attend a birthday bash of her best friend Ramya, my namesake. So I was told she would be late and reach home by 9pm. I was out for shopping to get some traditional sarees for an upcoming family event and just when I reached home at 8 pm; it started raining cats and dogs. I called up Navya to enquire where she was, didn’t get a reply, thought she was busy enjoying the party, so texted her instead. And some time later, I got a reply from Navya that she would be home soon. Amol had back to back meetings yesterday and I was told he would be late. The rain was relentless as could be seen from the balcony and I got busy in setting up my wardrobe and getting the dinner ready. It was 9.30 pm now and with no signs of Navya, I called her again; this time I couldn’t connect her phone. It was getting late enough to be worried. I once again stepped into the balcony and looked down. Except for a drenched street dog that was lying down miserably near the gate, there was not a soul to be seen anywhere. Rain water had puddled under the lamp post. A breeze ruffled the mango tree in the courtyard and a few twigs fell down and broke. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Did I hear a soft knock at the door? I turned back.

It was Mrs. Srivastava who lived in the same block on 11th floor; she came to enquire about her son Rohan. Rohan was Navya’s friend, studying in the same college as her and had accompanied Navya to the birthday party. Mrs. Srivastava was worried too as her son who was supposed to be home by 9, had not returned. She came downstairs to check whether Navya was home. But when she realized that even Navya had not returned, their phones switched off and with relentless rain and thunderstorms, she became more anxious and worried. Even their other friends were unreachable on phone. To further enhance our predicament, even the news showing up on the TV in the background was talking only about the Mumbai rains, inherent water logging and traffic logjams. We had to do something, but were in dilemma. I was about to call Amol when someone ringed the doorbell again. When I opened, there was no one to be seen. But there was a beautiful bouquet of red roses placed with a birthday card on it. I could make out that it was in Navya’s handwriting. It read: Thanks for being here, for being you, I love you lots. Happiest of birthdays. XOXO. But why was it lying here? And who ringed the bell? I checked the whole corridor, checked the staircases, lift etc. but no one to be seen anywhere. And when I returned back to my flat, lights were switched off almost instantly. What was happening?? I got scared now.

I was sweating and shivering with fright and when I tried to switch on the lights, I heard someone was waiting for me eagerly. I could sense that somehow. And once I managed to switch on the lights, I could hear familiar voice of Navya and Amol singing Happy Birthday to me, well supported by whole lot of people singing in unison. The birthday crew included my nephew, my sister, apartment acquaintances, friends from the gym, family friends, Amol’s colleagues, some of Navya’s friends, all led by Mrs. Srivastava holding a delicious cake. Navya came forward and hugged me tightly, wishing me a happy birthday just few minutes before I turned 50. She jokingly said- Mom, I told you I would be late as I was to attend birthday bash of my friend Ramya, I was just doing that, albeit planning it and moreover you’re my best friend too. Amol, who was busy all these days, I didn’t knew he was busy today planning and scheming this surprise for me. If I were his client, I would be mighty impressed by his ideas and the surprise element and sign the contract on dotted lines very happily. He hugged me and presented me a gorgeous dress and a diamond necklace which was exquisite. OMG!! What a stunner it was!! I was delighted by his gesture. And Mrs. Srivastava turned out to be a natural actor, didn’t give me a hint of what was coming. Apparently, Amol and Neha had invited all the guests without my cognizance and were plotting a plan all this while in the community hall beside our flat and it turned to be a huge surprise to me. I went in to change to my birthday dress along with the necklace. And when I was back, I was awed again; the living room was decorated with flowers, balloons, birthday craft bunting, lights and lanterns. Navya, had specially prepared a beautiful cone shaped birthday hat and a sash with Birthday Girl written on it. I felt like a pampered child again. And every guest had a birthday prop put on- someone had a headwear, wigs, feather boas, mustaches and beards, party ties, hair bands, funky eye glasses, face masks, wand, headband and wings. It looked like a well thought out plan and I was very much overwhelmed. Then, it was time to cut the cake and everyone started singing happy birthday for me. Amol had ordered my favorite food from the nearby restaurant and everyone set out for the birthday bash dinner. All this while, my nephew captured all the proceedings of the event, those precious moments of shock, surprise, happiness and bliss on his GoPro camera and we looked at it again and again and had a good laugh over it.

Never ever I had dreamt of such a surprise. I was overjoyed for this lovely gesture by everyone for turning up, making my 50th birthday a memorable and a special event. This was the story I made up, when I was getting bored on a long distance train journey

Filmi Chakkar..

Love movies? A Movie buff? Then this one’s for you 🙂

Films (read Bollywood films) are based out from the society around, our daily lives, varied experiences with different influences. You recently saw a perfectly etched character in a film? You could relate to the last movie you watched? Yes, that answers the question.Whether it’s a science fiction or any imaginary character for that matter, there are some real life influences, a character with some bit of the writer himself. How about the other way around? How about the influences, movies have on our lives. Some influence, if you ask me. So let’s try to explore this and start our Filmi Chakkar, with some dialogue baazi, naach gaana and some acting vecting 🙂


You are having tea in the nearby tapri (tea stall) outside your office and you say to your friend Do dost ek pyale mein chai piyenge. Is se dosti badti hai..

Your mom sounds filmi when she says when you return home after long haul Beta tu aa gaya? Maine tere liye apne haathon se kheer banaya hai..

You believe Cleanliness is next to Godliness. You keep your surroundings clean, meaning you keep your house clean and throw all the waste accumulated from your house into your neighbors place. In one such secret expedition, you get caught red handed when your neighbor angrily says- Mere Angne mein tumhara kya kaam hai ?? 😛

You leave your all important work in your office to attend your friend’s friend uninvited birthday bash and say Hum cake khane ke liye kahin bhi jaa saktey hai..

You are hungry and have ordered your favorite pizza after a long time. Pizza delivery boy looks at the address and reaches you in 30 mins. You live in 21st floor and lift doesn’t seem to work. Delivery boy is like [in Anu Malik’s voice]: Unchi Hai Building..Lift Teri Band Hai..Kaise Main Aau..Dil Rajamand Hai…  You are too hungry to listen to any excuses and blurt out: Aaja Aaja Aaja Meri Pizza Leke Aaja ; Meri Bhook Mitaane Ab To Steps leke aaja..

You work in a software company and after working for 2 years as a fresher, there seems to be no news of any pay hike. You’re like-Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye; Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye, Use Kahon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye..


You are married now and bring lunch box to your office these days. Today, your wife has cooked your favorite bhendi ki sabzi. Though lunch timings is at 1 pm, you get hungry by 12 pm and slowly try to get out of your desk without other’s notice. You successfully get out attracting few glances to the dining area and once you open your dabba to have a first bite, your junior colleague comes out of nowhere and wishes you Good morning Sir.. 

You introduce your fiance to your family & her parents and blurt out of nervousness-This is my mom and my dad. This is your dad and your mom..

Boy loves girl and he is sitting beside her.He reluctantly touches her hand and she hits back funnily saying -Yeh kya hai? Permission leni chahiye. Hum haath rakhne se mana nahin kar rahe hain, lekin permission leni chahiya na? Kisike ghar mey gusne ke pehle, permission lete hein ki nahi?

You are on the verge of studying hard for your engineering exam (meaning you have a paper next day) by checking the syllabus copy and you find your agyakari room mate is revising the topics and you cry out of anger saying- Gyan baatna chahiye re … tu kya apne paas rakhke sadaa-rela hai.. 

You are married and are getting ready to go out with your wife. You are ready in a flash as always and you find yourselves waiting for your wife who is getting ready. You sing a song to pass time Duniya chi pyari tu Aaga naari harnigaa Aaga raani sundaraa..Aali ho aali aali ho aali Aali ali.. when she finally gives you darshan after an hour or so..

Your friend comes first in the class and you say Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai. Lekin dost first aa jaye toh jyada dukh hota hai..

You are called day in day out to buy a new credit card from a bank. You seem to be interested and postpone the call many times owing to some work and one fine day,relent to their pleading to buy one. Once you ready your documents and sign the form as per their instructions, you hear a song Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai 😛


You are hunting for a 3 bhk flat as you have recently shifted to Bengaluru, a IT hub. After much struggle, and seeing many flats, you finally select a flat much to your liking. You have to negotiate the price with your owner and you go to his house which is just besides your own flat. Your owner is bulky, unshaven and if at all he blackens some of his teeth, he will look like Gabbar from Sholay. He lazily is sitting on the couch and once he quotes his price, he asks you a question Kitne aadmi Hai??

You are in gyan giving mode and cry out to your friend- Baabu Mushoy!! Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin..

Your parents are looking for a bride for your marriage and you seem to be least interested. You try to convince your parents to give you more time but in vain. Then finally you argue saying Shaadi ke basic concept mein hi jhol hai.

You are a teacher and get your life’s lessons in the most harsh way and thus learn to live your life in the present by saying it to your students-Aaj…Aaj ek hasi aur baant lo. Aaj ek dua aur maang lo. Aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo Aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo. Aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo. Aaj … Kya pata, Kal ho naa ho..

Your girlfriend sounds filmi when she says Mai tumharay bachhe ki maa ban ne waali hoon! and you get a panic attack.


You live your life the way you like to live and sound filmi when you say –Jo Main Bolta Hoon, Woh Main Karta Hoon, Jo Main Nahi Bolta, Woh Main Definitely Karta Hoon!!

One always have a namuna among your friends and you feel like saying Tumhe uthakar museum mein rakhna chahiye, ticket lagni chahiye tumhe dekhne ke liye..

You being a woman want to be a fashion designer and initially your parents don’t approve of your career choice. Then when time is ripe, you discuss it with your father, your best friend with all your passion for your career choice. Then next moment, your father sounds filmi when he says- Simran, Jee le apni zindagi 😛

You seem to be lost in a lesser known town with your wife,when you alighted from the train for tea. You missed the train by a whisker. You find out that next train is only on the following morning. You are very tired and since the whole platform is occupied, you try to find out a cheap hotel for some sleep. Then when u finally find one and deal with the receptionist by saying Bhai sahab, hum room ghante ke hisab se lenge. You find yourself in a awkward situation after the hotelier thinks otherwise. 😛

You sound filmi when in spite of knowing your friends’s name, you ask Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti??

You are Ranchoddaas Shamaldaas Chanchad urf Phunsukh Wangdu. You are like Behati Hawa, Udati Patang, Jo Khud Apani Raah Banaata hai,Girata Sambhalata Masti Mein Chalata Hai,Jo Bas Aaj Ka Jashn Manaata Hai and Har Lamahe Ko Khulake Jita Hai. Be like Rancho 🙂  And when in despair- Honthon ko karke gol, Seeti Baja ke Bol, Aal izz well 🙂


You have to adjust to the power cuts these days quite often and on Wednesdays, it is from 9 am to 5 pm. So your’e fed up as you cannot perform various work without electricity. So when at 5 pm the power does come, you  say Bijliiiiiiiiiiiii like that granny from a village called Charanpur shown in Swades who sees the bulb lit up in her hut for the first time in her life.

You are in first year of your college. Now, you have the right to bunk your classes and you enjoy doing the same in the name of movies, hangouts, chit chat or doing nothing. But you find one class interesting and don’t wanna miss. Even though the subject hardly interests you, the teacher does. You imagine your good looking madam as Sushmita Sen of Main Hoo Na fame and you are like-  Tumhein Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhein Jo Maine Jaana,Jo Hosh Tha, Wo To Gaya,Badan Ki Khushboo, Jagaae Lagi Jaadu,To Hoke Beqabu, Dil Kho Gaya..

You have to acquire your Aadhar card and have to give your personal details to Govt official. You’re like  Vijay Dinanath Chauhan; Poora Naam, Baap Ka Naam Dinanth Chauhan, Maa Ka Naam Suhasini Chauhan, Gaon Mandwa, Umar Chhattis Saal 😛

Tonight petrol prices are increasing by Rs.2. As you get a wind of it, you head to nearest petrol station and as luck would have it, petrol pump seems to be empty. Just when your done, people throng around you for filling their tank too once the news spreads. You think yourselves-Jahan Hum Khade Ho Jaate Hain, Line Wahi Se Shuru Hoti Hai..

You are alcoholic, you drink to breathe and thus cannot live without it. You are Devdas and sound filmi when you say-Babuji ne kaha Gaon chod do. Sab ne kaha Paro ko chod do. Paro ne kaha Sharab chod do.Aaj tumne keh diya haweli chod do.Ek din aayega jab woh kahenge, Duniya hi chod do..


You are frustrated and helpless and venture into alcohol and blurt out the harsh truth-Mera haal na Gupta uncle ke jaise ho gaya hai, Gupta uncle ko na cancer ho gaya hai. unho ne kabhi sharab nai pi, cigarette nai pi, phir bhi cancer ho gaya. Isse accha toh pi lete..

Your dad sounds filmi when he says, Rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai naam hai Papa..

You are Mogambo. Whenever Mogambo sees something nice or if he likes any good quality of yours, he appreciates it right away by saying Mogambo Khush huwa. Instead of being jealous, appreciate small things in life. Be like Mogambo. 🙂

You are of marriageable age now and so are your friends. You know that your friend’s parents are looking out a girl for him. From your khoofia network, you get some gossip circulating around and ridicule your friend saying- Tu arranged marriage ke liye gaya aur reject hoke aa gaya..

You are gorging into specially made Gulab jamoon which is just been prepared by your mom and kept in front of you. You are like : Maa kasam, mein ek ek ko chun chun ke khaa lunga 😛

You are Radhe. Radhe sticks to whatever he commits no matter what- Ek bar joh maine Commitment kar di. Uske baad toh main khud ki bhi nahi sunta. Be like Radhe. 😛

A drunkard looking at his desi daaru and sings : Tumhi din chadhe, Tumhi din dhale
Tumhi ho bandhu, sakha tumhi..


Your girlfriend is pissed off with you. She is not happy with you hanging out with your best friend. She has told you to choose between her and your best friend. Now you’re pissed off with her. Your best friend knows all about it and he says-Are usne teri khuddari ko lalkara hai yaar, kya kar raha hai, mard ban, be a man!” 

Talk of love at first sight.  Jab woh ladki saamne aa jaathi hai toh Tumhe lagta hai ki Hawaye chalne lagi hai…..Slow motion mein dupatta udne laga hai….Ya aasman mein Chaand kuch zyada bada hua hai..

Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment.

Hope it was entertaining. Did you encounter any such filmi stories? If yes, Do share it in comments below.

Until next time we meet – Be good, Do good and Keep smiling 🙂

Jab We Met…

We were a bunch of friends studying in school in the same class. School was fun and life was much simpler then. Major hurdle would be completing homework which we would anyways handle as we were motivated enough to get our hands dirty on the playground after finishing off our homework asap. We loved Cricket and given an opportunity(Saturday second half and whole of Sunday apart from evenings on weekdays) we were seen only on playground playing cricket whether it’s scorching heat, pouring rain or shivering cold. We only knew we had to win matches somehow (albeit cheating in some instances 😉 ) and thus win bets for extra chocolates and ice candies. Rest didn’t matter for us.

Gully cricket was common pastime in my society as it was in many localities during early 90s. And we had teams from one locality playing against team from other locality quite often in tournaments. Ours was a good team and out of around 10 teams we even were champions once during one such tournaments. Gone are those days were we used to sweat it out in the sun, get drenched in the rain and never get tired enjoying the game to the fullest unlike today were we are busy playing only virtual games on mobiles and elsewhere.

Now life is complicated with less time and more work/worries/pressure/expectations etc etc. Almost everyone we meet looks dissatisfied and no one seems to be happy/contented. In order to relive those golden memories,we friends decided to meet up at a common place. Some of our friends were settled outside India, barring those others who made this great dream cricket team along with some of the other friends decided to meet at a friend’s flat in Bangalore. Some of the friends joined from Mumbai and Chennai, I was based in Pune and most of them were settled in Bangalore. It was a long weekend for most of us and we decided to complete our pending work well in advance to make us available for this weekend meet. We were glad that everyone could make it.

After a tiring overnight journey,upon reaching Bangalore,I called up my friend where everyone was supposed to meet up for brunch. I did knew his exact home address but for the fact that it was at a exotic location some 5 kms diversion from Bannerghatta Main Road, couldn’t locate his flat. Upon calling him,I was told to wait at a landmark so that he could pick me up to his flat. As I was waiting,I saw a car coming towards me,4 of them with their faces covered seated on the car. As it stopped in front of me, everyone (except the driver), came towards me and caught hold of me forcibly and pushed me inside the car. I couldn’t believe what panned out as it happened suddenly. Was I kidnapped?? Holy shit!! Yes, I was kidnapped in an isolated place.The road was clear and no one seemed to be passing by to get any outside help.My mouth was covered now after being threatened and told to hand over my RayBan,iPod, smartphone and wallet. However their voice sounded familiar and while handing out my wallet, I forcibly removed cloth covering the face of one of the guys. As I had guessed right he turned out to be our batting opener who used to get out first almost every time. On the other side was our fast bowler Shoaib who looked fearsome with his pace and look. The one driving the car was our captain, a middle order batsman who used to capitalize the start given by top order batsman and take us to the driver’s seat quite often. Beside the driver was our mystery spinner Phirki (mastermind behind this act)who used to spin the ball both ways and even deceived me this time with his googly by drawing me in front and getting me out plumb to make us laugh about it later.

As we reached our friend’s place still laughing about this incident, we were greeted by rest of our team-all rounder Golu(everything was round about him) who would also be our gol keeper oops wicket keeper, Little Master(another opener Sachin look alike), twins Waughle brothers and power hitter ShaktiMaan.So it was about time to party. The host aka Phirki had prepared Chicken Biryani along with some veg delicacies for vegans. No one cared about IPL which was coming on TV but went on to share their cricketing memories during school days. Stories started with imitating strange batting stances of our friends,the level of cheating we managed during a game to get an extra ice cream, how we innovated new ways to loose a match which should have been won quite easily, how we managed to run after breaking noisy neighbor’s glass window,argue for hours about a potential run out without replays, complain about stomach pain or anything of that sort just after getting out to avoid fielding under a violent sun etc etc. Topic gradually changed to school in general with stories related to first crush and subsequent crushes 😛 (We were stunned after hearing some confessions. I think I need to write separately sometime later on this topic 😉 ),how we tricked our teacher to get more marks, about the person we hated the most in school,how we managed to write the exam after getting panic attack when the paper which was leaked didn’t show up during the exam, tricks we perfected to copy during exams,unique characters with some strange and peculiar habits in school,imitating our teachers and some of our fellow friends, misadventures during tuition classes, big fights among our friends for silly reasons,school picnic stories etc etc. Now stories slowly changed to current scenario like how f**ked up our boss was if not our job,how some of them maintained their girlfriends so successfully and it ended when marriage topic cropped up. We argued whether marriage was start of a new beginning or beginning of a new end, how life changes with marriage blah blah blah. Some of our players were clean bowled(read married) and others including me were proud to be not out.

The next time I checked my watch, it was 8pm and it was time to leave. Never realized how time flies during good times and we had helluva good time.

Until next time,be good,do good and keep smiling 🙂

Phir Mohabbat…

If you missed the first part of this story, then Please Click here: Mohabbatein

She was a ‘special’ friend for me and I think I was special too but we became just friends for rest of the world.

In pantry, my colleagues used to join me for coffee. But in order not to give undue attention to others who would also be present in pantry, we used to go for coffee in nearby CCD outside office premises. And as always coffee break this time with my special friend, was never less than a hour and we drank coffee 4 times a day (2 coffee breaks  pre lunch and other 2 post lunch. Around 4 hrs. out of 9 hrs. customary office timings 😛 ). So as you guessed, my manager was pareshan as I could not be seen in my desk whenever he used to look out for me. And I was very innovative in giving out reasons which seemed genuine to any person’s imagination 😉 My colleagues doubted something serious is brewing between us(Actually coffee was brewing between us 😉 and you know a lot can happen over a coffee(pun intended)) We didn’t think what others were thinking about us and were busy in our ‘own’ world loving each other’s company.Now that we spent most of our time in office hours with each other we felt that we missed each other during weekends. So we enjoyed going out for shopping,films,any interesting weekend getaways and last but not the least-shopping (everything starts and ends with shopping 😛 I know only guys will love this pun).

There was a vacancy for a software developer in my current project. And my friend was getting released from her project. I sensed an opportunity here and since her qualifications and experience fitted our project requirements perfectly, I recommended her name to my manager. There was vacancy for only one place (coincidentally beside my desk) and I wanted her to take ‘that’ place. But totally 5 profiles were recommended for this lone vacancy. So I had to do something to get my friend to fill that place. But I decided to not influence my manager in any way to get her the project. So I trained her for around 10 days so that she could give a strong statement during the interview. And she succeeded with flying colors bagging the project and ‘that’ place.

And then we were together throughout during our office hours as we were in the same project 😉 No one could question us not even the manager as we worked together and never missed any deadlines not compromising on our chat quotient. Our chat messenger was as filled as it used to be as directly chatting continuously in a cubicle with full view of everyone was not an option. Chat window was full of mutual interests, some gossip, upcoming weekend plans, weird topics like dress sense of people around and all such bakwaas. It also contained some of work related discussions, doubts, queries, solutions et cetera et cetera. In short, work became fun and I loved coming to office for a change.

Meanwhile her parents were looking for a suitable groom which I was unaware initially, but came to know when she told she had to leave next weekend to her hometown to meet her fiancé.Something was wrong, it didn’t seemed right. Even my friend was reluctant to see her fiancé even though he looked like a Bollywood hero on photo. He was well settled, came from a highly respected family and had excellent qualifications. As she received strict orders from her parents this time,she could not postpone this meet as she has always been doing in the past to delay her marriage. She was reluctant and we discussed this extensively at length just a day before her travel to hometown. After the discussion I concluded that she was unhappy with this alliance and I was more than unhappy to see her get married to someone else. But even though we didn’t show this emotion to each other, we knew we loved each other. When I knew this is the right time, I proposed her. She was surprised and happy like never before. She happily accepted my offer. But it was bit late as she had flight to her hometown the next morning. She thought of cancelling the flight but I suggested her to take the flight and talk to her parents about me before she could meet her to be fiancé. All this while I was saying to myself- Aal Izz Well, Aal Izz well and even told her to follow this trick to feel good in adversity. She managed to convince her parents and upon enquiring extensively about my details, they agreed that she might have chosen a good guy who understood her very well and would look after their daughter like no one else would do. So they decided to break this alliance by cancelling their visit to groom’s place by somehow convincing his parents.

So now that she was happy and her parents were happy to make me their son-in-law, I had to break this news to my parents and they readily accepted when I told all I had to say about my love. So everything worked like a charm without any eventualities and we decided to marry.

All Izz Well that ends Well 🙂


Preface: This short story is a work of fiction. Hope you will enjoy it 🙂

Ek Ladki Thi Pretty Si
Shayad Woh Mujh Par Marti Thi
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke Smile Kiya Karti Thi
Kuch Khehna Tha Shayad Usko
Jaane Kisse Darti Thi
Jab Bhi Milti Thi Mujhse
Bas Blush Karthi Thi…

I am a IT engineer working in a software firm.Job was fun initially but is boring now. Whenever I get up daily, refreshing morning activities turn depressing when it’s time for office. And having a manager who is active in office politics since 15 years doesn’t help either making situation worse.Tat calls for frequent coffee breaks with colleagues and pantry works best than the cubicle. So we talk and talk about our interests, life in general and what if we were not an engineer. And hence a break is never less than an hour 😛 It was one such coffee breaks that I saw HER for the first time, was spellbound to say the least. My friend had to shake me up to make me come back to terms. She also gave me a smile and I could see a spark in her eyes wen she saw me for the first time. From that day the quest to know her name and other details started. What I knew was that she worked in the same floor besides my ODC and we shared pantry apart from sharing glances each day we met subsequently. From that day,our coffee breaks with my colleagues started at a fixed time so that it clashed with her coffee break. We stepped out from our cubicle at times when there was high probability of her stepping too and I received full cooperation from my friends. My female colleagues didn’t knew her upon asking but she had a friend whom my friends knew. So that was the strategy-Pehle heroine ko patane ke liye, uske friend ko patao. My female colleagues were instructed to go into specific lift which my heroine and her friend took and to some places were I couldn’t go(pun intended) to find more about her. Upon applying common ice breaking techniques, my friends succeeded in acquiring janam kundli of my heroine with very well orchestrated meets. All this while I didn’t meet her but concentrated only in strategysing my next move.

Now that I knew everything I wanted to know about her I decided to make a move. My lunch timings clashed with her’s,so we(read colleagues) would purposely sit in the adjacent table just to make an impression. And that worked like a charm. One fine day, I stepped into lift to find her coincidentally and given an opportunity wen I was about to start a conversation, she applied same ice breaking techniques which my friends had used earlier on her(like which floor, oh ya same floor? Which account? Oh great. I work in adjacent ODC) and thus we became friends 🙂

To be continued…..

D-Day: Indian Election Results 2014

As the whole nation, the world’s largest democracy waited with bated breath for the election results on May 16th, we got some reactions from prominent party members from all parties on the course of counting the votes. This being a country with different story unfolding in every state/region added to the complexity of the elections making it difficult to predict the winner as it was a close fight in some of the regions. So let’s hear in before wasting any further time..

Congi Spokesperson on his party’s dismal performance hinting an end to dynasty politics:

Aisa Zakhm Diya Hai Jo Naa Phir Bharega

Har Naagrikon Se, Ab Yeh Dil Darega

Hum Toh Election Haar Kar Yunhi Mar Mite The

Sun Lo Ye Voteron, Yeh Humse Ab Na Hoga


Apni Toh Jaise Taise Thodi Aise Ya Waise

Apni Toh Jaise Taise Thodi Aise Ya Waise

Kat Jaayegi, AAP Ka Kya Hoga Janabe-Ali

AAP Ka Kya Hoga??

Kejriwal introspecting on winning only 4 seats covering only Punjab and not opening it’s account elsewhere:

Hum Toh Teher Punjabi, Satta kya banaoge??

Subah Pehle Gaadi Se, Ghar Ko Laut Jaayenge…

Kejri then dedicates the same song to Congress President Ms Gandhi:

Tum Toh Teher Pardesi, Satta kya banaoge??

Subah Pehle Flight Se, Italy Ko Laut Jaaogee…

Diggi proposes his lady love expecting a positve answer,asking some serious questions at the same time on a counting day:

Hum AAP ke hai kaun??

Hum AAP ke hai kaun??

N D Tiwari(88, who recently got married) feels left out and fears of a serious competition from Diggi:

Le Jayenge Le Jayenge

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Aji Rahey Jayenge Rahey Jayenge

Bachelors Dektey Rahey Jayenge

Diggi(67) hits back and dedicates a song to his lady love Amrita Rai paying no heed to election results trends:

Jawaani Jaaneman Haseen Amrita

Milein Do Dil Jawaan Nisaar Ho Gaya

Shikaar Khud Yahaan Shikaar Ho Gaya

Yeh Kya Sitam Huwa Yeh Kya Zulam Huwa

Yeh Kya Ghazab Huwa Yeh Kaise Kab Huwa

Na Jaanoon Main Na Jaane Woh, Ahaaaaaa!!!

BSP, DMK, NC could not manage a single seat which was shocking and surprising at the same time. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Maya sang this song:

Anda anda anda anda anda………

Aao sikhao tumhe ande ka funda

Yeh nahee pyare koyi mamuli banda

Iss me chhupa hai election ka fal safa

Ande me anda anda, funde me funda anda

Ande ka anda anda, funde ka funda anda

Once BJP made mission 272 success on it’s own:

Na Chahoon Sona Chaandi, Na Maangoon Amma Didi

Yeh Mere Kis Kaam Ke??

Na Maangoon BJD Bhi, Na Maangoon TDP bhi

Yeh To Hain Bas Naam Ke

Deti Hai Support De Badle Mein Support Le

Ghe ghe ghe ghe ghe, ghe Re Saahiba

Politics Mein Sauda Nahin

Most of Congress prominent leaders and sitting MP’s were thrown out of power swiped by Modi Wave. They were heard like this in a party meeting after results were announced.

Chalkaye Jaam Aayiye AapKi Haar Ke Naam, Modi ke Naam

Soniya introspecting on RaGa:

Ufff Ab Main Kya Karoon

Main Kya Karoon, Main Kya Karoon..

Is Rahul Ka Kya Karoon, Main Kya Karoon Main Kya Karoon..

L K Advani could not fulfill his dream of being a PM one day and was not very excited(as expected) to see Modi win. He was caught singing this song at his home:

Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin, Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi,

Jagi Umeed Nayi Banna Mujhe atleast Speaker Sahi

Some of the important news update of the hour

2 people (Mr NoSe and Mr YoYo) were spotted in the theatres watching latest comedy cum tragedy cum mystery cum musical cum drama cum thriller ‘The Xpose’ starring greatest singer of our generation Mr. Himesh Reshammiya and greatest rapper Mr. Yo Yo Honey Singhaaaa….

Rakhi Sawant’s Hari Mirchi managed to grab 15 votes in her debut election. Search is on for 14 people who voted for her.

Congress has managed to win less than 50 seats which would give them all the liberty to create a WatsApp group without leaving out any MP.

Let’s spare 2 minute silence for MMS 10 years of silence.

RaGa will be conferred highest civilian award of India- Bharat Ratna,for campaigning rigorously and giving a lone interview(To Ornab Da) for bringing up a change,giving hope and bright future for this country by rooting out Congress in their worst ever defeat after independence.

H D DeveGowda and others said that if NaMo comes into power, they will leave India. Now that he has won, they are saying they were ‘misquoted’.

Meanwhile, Diggi & N D Tiwari begin to fight again, this time humming English songs. Diggi says I’m sexy and I know it and Tiwari responds saying I Just Can’t Get Enough

People of this country singing in unison once final results were out announcing NaMo as the PM with a landslide victory:

Bande Mein Hai Dum Vande Mataram!!

Bande Mein Hai Dum Vande Mataram!!


Kyunki Tum Hi Ho Ab Tum Hi Ho

Zindagi, Ab Tum Hi Ho

Bharosa Bhi, Mera Vikas bhi,

Mere PM Bhi, Ab Tum Hi Ho

All Thought it was Modi Wave/Tsunami watever you call it that made the difference in this historic election. Read on to know the real reason..

All The Modi Fans Yeh, Don’t Miss the Chance Yeh

All The Modi Fans Yeh, Don’t Miss the Chance Yeh

To Thank Rajni Kantha, THE ‘THAILAVA’(as Namo met Rajni before results)

So here’s the tribute…..

Moochhon ko thoda round Ghumaa ke

Annaa ke jaisaa chashmaa lagaa ke

Coconut Mein lassi milaa ke

Aa jao saare mood bana ke..

All The Rajni Fans Yeh, Don’t Miss the Chance Yeh

All The Rajni Fans Yeh, Don’t Miss the Chance Yeh

Lungi Dance Lungi Dance

Lungi Dance Lungi Dance

Lungi Dance Lungi Dance

PS: NOM to any person involved. Just written for fun. 😉