The Running Train…

Rail Gadi Rail Gadi chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk…….

Pranab-Our Hero was running behind a speeding train.

Flash back: He had got down for a loo break at the station town of Chamba. It was 8.00 AM and the sky was covered with dew, hence the weather was chilling. He got attracted by the picturesque view of the landslide which moved him quite a distance away from the platform. He began to click pics from his new Smartphone and began to appreciate the scenic beauty.

There you go-Hero already in the run. He had boarded the train from Pathankot in Himachal and was travelling to Delhi. He had an appointment at 3.00 PM for an important interview and he could not just throw away this excellent opportunity. Moreover he could not afford to miss the train as he had some important docs in his left out bag in the train. Pranab (being a hero) ran around 200m in only 40 sec (something which even Usain Bolt would be proud of) just enough to catch last bogie of the train. He was sweating profusely because of this misadventure and was panting like a dog. He knelt down for a minute or so and then found his way to the compartment where he had deposited himself before going onto photo shoot.

His bag was intact and no one had occupied his seat. However an elderly woman who was sitting opposite to him was replaced by a beautiful woman in her early 20s.The girl was very very pretty (sorry for over exaggeration) and our hero couldn’t let his eyes off from her. Just then all his compartment mates began to stare at him to which he was embarrassed. A thought from his friend came into his mind that girls from hill stations are usually pretty, assuming that she was from Chamba-a hill station. He was pretending himself as though he was seeing through the window and was secretly looking at her, both being seated at the window seat opposite to each other.

His mind was occupied with what could be the Ice Breaker to start off a conversation. He had to ensure that he didn’t sound like a despo. What is her name? Is she travelling alone or with someone? Where is she travelling to? All sorts of Qs began to originate from his mind, when an elderly man in his late 40s seated beside the girl broke the ice. He introduced himself to the girl as Ananth travelling to attend his friend’s daughter marriage. Girl replied that she was Sunaina travelling to Delhi with her friends who will join her in the next station. Our hero imagined himself to be in company of pretty girls along with Sunaina. Just when the elderly man began to reply, our hero interrupted by introducing himself as Pranab. The man seems to be disinterested but that didn’t bother him as Sunaina greeted him with a smile.  That did a lot of good to Pranab’s confidence and began to boast that he was the only gold medalist from his town and had been invited for an interview in a top notch consulting company. He was a commerce graduate with a master’s degree in business consulting with 2 years of industry experience. The girl reciprocated that she was a first year engineering student and had planned to spend her vacation with her friends in Delhi. The man felt left out and said he would get down at the next station much to the amusement of our hero.

There was silence for 5 mins and our hero was utilizing this valuable time by devising strategy-what his next move was, now that the girl will be accompanied by her friends. The man pulled his bag and began to move towards the door as train was nearing the station after saying bye (‘n’ number of times- ‘n’ being an unknown variable>10) only to the girl.Suddenly, Sunaina asked our Hero-Are you married? He was puzzled and proudly said with élan- a big NO. Also, he went on to say that he had got lot of marriage proposals, but he rejected all of them due to some reason or the other. With this, the train came to a halt. Sunaina got down to see her friends but our hero stayed in the train not opting for a running practice this time.Our hero was in his thinking cap again-this time his mind pre-occupied with the question the girl asked about his marriage. Also the question was timed when no one was around in the compartment. Did he impress her Already? The silence in the compartment was broken when Sunaina arrived with her gang. Pranab looked at each one of her friends (there were 4 of them) and reassured himself that Sunaina was most beautiful.

Once a guide of Niagara Falls had boasted that, its sound intensity was so high that passage of 20 supersonic planes couldn’t be heard. Then he went on to request the ladies to keep quiet in order to hear the falls. Now Pranab felt as a guide with ladies talking continuously one after another (I know ladies will not like this-pun intended). After 15 minutes or so, Sunaina sensed our hero’s presence along with her friends. She introduced him to her friends as a gold medalist from Pathankot which made him raise his collar.

They were nearing Delhi and Pranab (being a hero) thought that it was the right time to propose his heroine-Sunaina. Suddenly our hero was no longer a hero. He turned into a zero when he was woken up by his Mom after it was too late for him to go to college… Shouting at his mom for waking him up at wrong time Pranab went to college singing from Chandni Chowk-

Tere nainaaaaa has diye..   Bas gayi mere dil mein Sunainaaaaa….