Luck By Chance…

It’s everyone’s perception that whenever anyone is at his peak of his career he is being termed as “LUCKY”. Yes, Luck plays its part, but its one’s sheer perseverance and dedication that counts to take him to the top of his game.If you work hard luck will be on your side. Scientists before Archimedes had entered bath-tubs and apples had fallen on the heads of people sitting under trees. But it was left to Archimedes to discover the law of specific gravity and to Newton to formulate the three laws of motion. Napolean had thousands of leaders in his army yet why did he alone become the Emperor of France? These were the people who led significant lives which were useful to society not by their luck but by their dedication towards work. Take the example of Abhishek Bachchan. When he stormed into film industry every one quoted him saying “Yeh toh bade baap ka beta hai, Kitna lucky hai”. Yes, dad’s influence made his job easier to pursue his career in film industry but luck alone did not make him what he is today. When he gave a series of flops to start with, everyone questioned his acting ability. But his commitment towards acting made him a lot better actor to give some of the biggest hits in Bollywood.(Guru and Bluffmaster being my favourites)

But this is not what I want to write about. My main concern is how to gain self-esteem to improve one’s chances in one’s life.

* One should listen to their gut feelings which are normally right. The best example here would be that of M.S.Dhoni. Being an Indian Cricket team captain he is bound to take risks by taking some tough decisions. But what is best part of him is that he works as according to his instincts and gives no second thoughts. Otherwise who would have thought of giving a chance to newcomer like Joginder Sharma to bowl the last over by backing him in 2020 finals to win a WORLD CUP for India

* One should be open to new experiences and breaking his normal routine. New experiences do teach us something good and to think out of box. Also it rejuvenates by making us do something different than our daily routine and one will be refreshed to take up another challenging task.

* One should spend some moments of the day remembering things that went well so that we feel confident about ourselves.

* One should visualize himself being lucky before any important meeting or a telephone call so that we can make the most of it.

We must all realize that we have been entrusted by God to achieve something in our lives. Yeah,Luck plays a part but one cannot solely depend on luck. God will help you only when you help yourself.

P.S: This article was written way back in 2008 during my engineering days for college magazine which never got printed…

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