Meri Maa..

Happiness is seeing your mother smile…

It’s somewhat tragic that sometimes due to hustle bustle life we are leading, we don’t thank our parents enough for everything they have done to make us find a way to lead a good life. It makes complete sense to express directly to our mom how important they are in helping us to become who we are today.

So here it is…

Dear Mom,

I wonder what to gift you
on Mother’s Day and your birthday which comes a week after. I have never been a
good gift giver, so this is somewhat a challenge for me. After giving some
thought, I decided probably the best thing I could do would be to give you my
thanks and appreciation for everything you have done for the well-being of me
and my sibling to stand on our own feet.

am fortunate enough that of all the years because of the current difficult
situation and the unprecedented times we are living, you are staying with me
for some more days as you cannot return to our hometown because of lock down. I
can spend more quality time with you and treasure each moment. You have always
made me feel special and encouraged me all the way in my life’s pursuit. Though
one expects their parents to look after their children, I don’t think anyone
else could have done it any better. Beautiful, smart, funny, devoted, your
infectious smile, selfless love and everything else any son could ask for.

I want you to always know
that I love you and cherish you more than life itself.

ever and always.



P.S: A small write-up to celebrate Mother’s Day in office 😊

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