Flat Number 13!!

Adarsh and Avinash passed out from engineering college in 2013. They were good friends right from school.Both had received a offer from TCS in Hinjewadi,Pune.So they traveled from Belgaum to Pune two days in advance to hunt for a room in Pune.They were looking out for a room in Aundh and after seeing over 5 flats and being unsatisfied and exhausted, they decided to end the day in seeing last flat of the day and later hit the pub to relax. Fortunately when they saw the 6th flat, they instantly liked it.This 2bhk flat was neat,elegant,spacious,well furnished and more importantly at a reasonable rate.They could not believe their luck and thought how come this flat was vacant even for few days that too at a prime location in Aundh.May be they just got lucky.They instantly booked the room and the room broker promised them to arrange a meeting with the owner the next day. They met the owner and got to know about intricacies like maintenance costs,water supply,gas connection, maid availability etc. One of the rooms out of the two was locked and upon asking the owner they were instructed not to open it and owner told them they will be charged less and since they were only 2 they could use the other spacious master bedroom. They received an offer they could not refuse as  the final rent was very much under their expectations. They paid the advance to the owner and cleared the bill of the broker. The owner was leaving for some urgent work and reminded the tenants not to open/use the other room.

After 2 days, Avinash’s parents were in Pune for a family function to be held few days later.So he went to meet them after work and stayed with them in hotel.Next day he received an unexpected call from one of his friend that he will be in Pune next day as he had some work in Mumbai. He also said that he will be bit late as he is expected to be occupied till 8pm in Mumbai. At 9pm, Avinash reached room and informed Adarsh about his friend’s visit. He also told Adarsh that they will use the other room as it will be difficult for them to adjust in one room. Adarsh refused as it was against owner’s wish but since it was just matter of one day as his friend was expected to leave next morning, he agreed. Meanwhile Avinash appreciated Adarsh’s cooking skills as he tasted Palak Paneer for a test trial.

As the aroma of paneer filled the room, Avinash unlocked the room.When he opened the door,he could sense some creepiness and had a feeling of some paranormal activity.Upon switching on the light, one of the blood ridden walls read Tumhein Marna Hoga and blood was scattered on the walls around him. He could also see some broken toys scattered on the floor.Avinash braver among the two was terrified and scared to death. He thought he made a big mistake by unlocking this room, was uncertain about his future and latched the door instantly with his trembling hand.Meanwhile Adarsh shouted as a fire lit up in kitchen from nowhere and blew it off immediately. Adarsh asked Avinash what made him to shout and Avinash explained him in detail. Now Adarsh is mum and it scared the shit out of him.The latched door opened automatically and they held it without entering and locked it back. Both could not believe their fate and moved out of the room terrorized.They decided to call the owner and then chose against it as he had traveled to US to see his daughter. They behaved as though nothing had happened and asked the watchman purposefully about the water supply and other challenges/complaints from the room as he avoided more question by saying it’s good. Then when he is asked about the previous tenants, he said that they were very good and well-behaved and left as they got transferred. He also hinted that he remembered them saying they heard some strange voices from the locked room.This explanation is enough for Avinash and Adarsh to conclude that their room was haunted. They behaved normally and decided to have a walk until their friend arrives. Since it was too late and they didn’t knew much of Pune they decided to pass the night in their room.

At last Avinash’s friend arrived. They walked him to the room and passed the night without any incident. Avinash’s friend had a deep sleep while Adarsh and Avinash did not sleep even for a minute and looked disturbed.The next day Avinash was supposed to attend the family function. Adarsh insisted him to attend the function as his parents were also there. Avinash left for the function hesitantly and as he stepped out of the rickshaw at the function site, he saw all his family members out of the building and shouting at a terrace room looking worried. Avinash is told his brother is trapped inside a locked room.Avinash quickly moves to the room against his parent’s wish. The housekeeping attending that room is lying on the floor after being hit by something.Avinash bangs the door and somehow manages to break in inside. He finds his brother injured and lying on the floor suffocated for some reason. As he prepares to carry him and take him to bed he finds someone standing behind him.Upon turning,he finds the devil like figure saying Tumhein Marna Hoga.

Pic courtesy: ghaas.tumblr.com